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Are Your Air Vents Functioning Correctly?

Sometimes the answer to an inefficiently operating AC system lies in the air ducts and vents. If those become clogged up, your AC unit has to work overtime to keep your space comfortable. Dirty air ducts can also contribute to indoor air pollution that can cause the air quality to be harmful to your body.

DIY Solutions for Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

Although you may not be able to get deep into your duct system, regular cleaning of your vents can help reduce the frequency of more in-depth cleanings by a professional air duct/vent cleaning service like Fisher Bros.

To clean your vents, follow these steps:
  • Remove your vent covers or registers
  • Wash the covers with hot soapy water and let dry
  • Attach a dryer vent brush to a cordless drill and insert into the air duct
  • Slowly whip the brush around with the drill trigger to pick and dislodge dust clinging to the inside of the ducts
  • Use a vacuum hose to suck up the dislodged dust and particles
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Calling in Professionals

When the time comes to have your air ducts cleaned thoroughly, make sure the contractor you hire is licensed and qualified to perform these services. They should inspect your system first to assess where in the system the problem is most prevalent. They should then vacuum out the system and perform an air blow out to get every last dust particle out of the system. When they are done, your ducts should look as good as the first day the system was installed.

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Your AC system has two condensation drains. The primary one should flow continuously when your system is running normal, but can become clogged. When this happens, the secondary drain kicks in. This is typically a PVC pipe just barely sticking out over a window seal. If you notice water dripping from here, you should immediately address your AC system before it causes major water damage!

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Make sure to change your filters monthly so that your system can function correctly. By doing this, you can extend the life of your furnace, improve your indoor air quality, and reduce your energy bills!

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Is your HVAC system 10 years old or older? That’s usually when you begin to see problems and notice the system performance to decline. An older system that isn’t running efficiently anymore can cause costly energy bills.

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Winterize your home – you’ll be happy you did! By insulating exposed and shallow water pipes, it can prevent bursting pipes when freezing weather hits.

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If you have cast iron drain pipes in your home or business, don’t waste your money on pouring drain cleaners down the drain! Cast iron pipes corrode and close up over time. Until you replace your old cast iron drains, its best to have them cleaned with a sewer machine.

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Is your water bill unreasonably high? Check to see if your toilets are running even when they’re not being used. If that’s the case, give us a call to come make sure you don’t have a water leak in another place!

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