Your Complete Guide To Water Heaters: How They Work, When and What Kind to Buy

Whether your water heater is failing or you’re building a new house and need a new water heater installation, there’s a lot to consider before making your purchase. In this article, you’ll get the lowdown on water heaters so you’ll be more informed when you go to your big box hardware store or plumbing supply […]

How to Detect a Water Leak Your Home: Signs to Look For + Solutions

Whether you live in an apartment, studio, condo or house, water damage can wreak significant havoc on your living spaces and end up costing you thousands of dollars. Even drying out a property that has not been structurally compromised with mold or had damage done to the carpeting and drywall can cost up to $2,700 […]

Stop Your Home From Becoming a Stat: Detecting and Preventing Gas Leaks

Gas safety is a serious issue with natural gas leaks causing about 40 deaths per year. It is important to prevent gas leaks of any size. Even a small leak can lead to serious consequences. Let’s find out more about gas leaks and how to prevent them: Why Do We Need Natural Gas at Home? […]

What To Do When Your Toilet Gets Clogged – With or Without a Plunger!

If there’s anything that can be classified as a true household emergency, it’s a clogged toilet, especially if you have a large family that shares one bathroom. Everyone at one time or another has experienced the horror of flushing the toilet and watching the contents of the bowl, instead of flushing down the drain, swirl […]

Why is My Air Conditioning Not Working? What to do & How to Fix it!

There are few things worse than coming home during the summer, wanting to relax in a comfortable, cool home, only to find out the AC is on the fritz. And despite putting fans in the bedroom, you just can’t sleep as comfortably when it’s hot without an effective air conditioner. In this article, we look […]

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